Facebook New Beta Version Is The New Twitter?

This morning, I was surprised when I entered my Facebook account. It told me that I had the chance to try their new beta version. It seems that this new design is released for some random users at the moment, and I am one of them. The first difference that I noticed is that now it allows two types of backgrounds: dark (black or night mode) and light (the existing white background).



My first impression and thought when I saw these two options on the new Facebook was that why it resembles to the new Twitter design that was released few months ago. The position of the menu list on the left and the wall on the middle is quite similar to say honestly.

FB Home

Twitter Home

However, there are certainly some differences between the two. For example: the search box of Facebook is located on the top right while on Twitter it is on the top left. On the right side of Facebook, you can find the list of contacts you can message on messenger while on Twitter,  you find the trending topics and the recommended accounts to follow. Additionally, the new Facebook still doesn’t have color themes like Twitter does (mine is fuchsia on dark background).

FB Profile Page

Facebook Beta

Twitter Profile Page

On the profile page, it doesn’t look really similar as Facebook keeps the same position of the old profile design, with difference that it gets tidier and that it has a more modern look. Moreover, the profile pic is now located in the middle just like the app (which I don’t like as it blocks the cover image a bit). There is nothing on the right side of Facebook profile page like the one Twitter has, utilized to display the photos and again, the suggested accounts to follow and trending topics.
Furthermore, another thing that exists on the new Facebook profile page is the gradient coloring present on the sides of the cover image, making it more colorful and alive. As you can see below, the left side follows the gradient color from the grass on the cover image while the right side follows the grayish part of the cover image (my dog’s fur color).


In addition, it seems Facebook also added new grid view compared to the previous one. You know that on Facebook, you can view the posts on your profile page either in a list view or in a grid view. The grid view design has now changed.

Old Grid View

New Grid View

On the new grid view, instead of seeing the caption when the image is hovered by mouse like on  the old version, it is now visible directly as caption under each post. What do you think? Do you like this new grid view?
So, these are the new changes that I spotted immediately when I accessed the new version of my Facebook account. Maybe there are some other new aspects to examine, and of course, also new features. But, those are to be observed once the final release is launched officially by Facebook. For now, let me ask you when you see this beta version at a glance, do you see the “New Twitter” on Facebook? Or, is it just me?

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